CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems have been in use for many decades in various fields of manufacturing and it has now revolutionized the "art" of our dentistry.


Lava.jpgBy utilizing our high tech E4D laser scanning and computer imaging system, we can create beautiful custom restorations for you right in our office in as little as a day!  We are able to make crowns, veneers and fillings that are stronger and more accurate than traditional methods of layering and pressing that have been in use by dental labs.


After the tooth has been prepared by the dentist, a hand held laser scanner is used to capture a true image of your tooth.  A 3-D model is then generated on a computer and using highly specialized software, the dentist or trained assistant designs your virtual restoration.  The design is sent to a state of the art milling system that "sculpts" the restoration from a solid block of porcelain or the material that is chosen by the dentist to best suit your particular situation.  Your E4D restoration is then stained and glazed to polished perfection, before it is cemented on your tooth.


Your crown, veneer or filling is perfectly matched to the shade of your teeth, is metal free and will look and feel like our natural teeth.  Unlike traditional crowns that have a metal base with porcelain over it, our E4D crowns will not have "that black line" that is often seen along the gum line.


If you’re looking for a natural and lasting change to your smile with a great fit and long-lasting strength, E4D may be for you. They will reshape and whiten the overall appearance of your teeth and improve your smile dramatically.


Give us a call at Dental Associates of Newton Falls to find out more about the remarkable E4D crowns.