Most people are surprised to learn that one American dies every hour from oral cancer. Even though the incidence and death rates for all cancers overall has decreased in recent years, the incidence and death rates of oral cancer continue to increase. However, oral cancer is one of the most curable of diseases when it is caught early. That’s why a simple test has been developed using technology proven to be successful in identifying certain types of precancerous abnormalities. The Velscope® Oral Cancer Screening System is particularly important for patients at increased risk for oral cancer.

Velscope2.jpgThe Velscope® exam is a specially designed light technology that helps our dentists and/or hygienists identify abnormal tissue that might develop into oral cancer. In combination with a regular visual examination, it provides a comprehensive oral screening procedure that is painless and fast and could help save your life. It is strongly recommended that patients have the exam on a yearly basis.

Velscope® is to oral cancer like a mammogram is to breast cancer, a PAP smear is to cervical cancer and a PSA Test is to prostate cancer.

When oral cancer is found at the earliest stage, treatment is quicker, simpler less invasive and more than 90% successful. You’ll be surprised to know that nearly 30% of oral cancer victims do not use tobacco or alcohol and have no other lifestyle risk factors. Never assume that because you do not use those products you are exempt from risk. Be safe, not sorry.

Please call our office for more information or to schedule your Velscope® exam as soon as possible.